Game engines allow for multi-platform delivery using simple production workflows. I worked with Sky Immersive team to develop the animation pipeline that focused on utilizing VR tools to improve and build on commonly used 3d workflows.
The animation was developed by Sky Immersive and is being used as a showcase across the Sky commissioning teams as an example of how assets can be distributed across TV, Mobile, VR and Mixed reality formats.
Sky is actively involved in Metaverse content investigations and project like this are helping their execs understand the workflows, costs and results that can be achieved through game engine integration.

Looking at the Moon
3D Modeling and Enviromental design
YEAR: 2022
CLIENT: Sky Immersive

‘Looking at the Moon’ tells the story of Galileo assembling his telescope in 1609 as he prepares to look at the moon for the first time. He is aided in his efforts by his assistant Ponkie who does his best to prevent a pesky mouse from ruining the experiment.